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Get better at Wild Rift with our affordable boosting services. Available for all regions, we promise safe and fast delivery, so you can play the game with confidence.

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How to purchase Wild Rift boosting

1. Choose the Service you want

Choose from the available boost options such as division boosting or win boosting and then proceed to enter your relevant information to complete the order.

2. Finalize the Transaction

Once you have completed the initial step and clicked the "purchase" button, you will be directed to the payment section where you can select your preferred method of payment.

3. Monitor the status of your Order

After you finish making your payment, you'll be redirected back to our Members Area. You will then receive your login information and be able to access it. Once you're in, you will be able to see the status of your order, and it will take 3-5 minutes for a booster to pick it up. You'll be able to speak with them and stay up to date on your order.

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  • High Win Ratio

    Our boosters, who are handpicked top players with extensive knowledge of the game, make the high quality of our service possible.

  • Select Champions & Roles

    Our highly skilled boosters can play any position with skill and proficiency, making it another feature of our service.

  • Live Stream

    This feature allows you to observe a pro at work, whether you want to ensure safety or simply see a professional in action.

  • Quick Boosting

    Our service is already quick, but if you need to get a rank by a specific date or require expedited service, this is the ideal choice.

  • Live Chat with Booster

    You'll have the ability to communicate with your assigned booster, ask for advice, and manage your order (e.g. pause or resume) as necessary.

  • Track your Order

    Our Members Area feature enables you to keep track of your boost's progress in real-time, and the ability to stay informed of the status of your boost.

Wild Rift Boost FAQ

Wild Rift Boosting refers to a service in which skilled players, often referred to as boosters, play on behalf of another player (the client) to increase their ranking or level in the game League of Legends: Wild Rift. The goal is to help the client reach a higher rank, division, or achieve specific in-game accomplishments.

It’s very simple, Solo boosting is where the booster plays on your account, which is what most people choose and is less expensive. Duo is when you queue up with one of our boosters.

The length of your order depends entirely on what it is, if it is 1-3 ranks, it will not take longer than a day. If it’s more, say, 3–5 ranks, it will take 2 days, and so on. Furthermore, the higher the rank, the longer the process will be, although just slightly.

Just to be considered for a job, the booster has to be Challenger, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your desired rank, everything is guaranteed!

Yes you can! All boosters are usually experienced with all roles and most champions, and there are also boosters who specialize in specific roles. So you can choose whatever role and champion you want!

We are, without a doubt, global. Since Wild Rift is such a big game there are player all over the world, therefore there are boosters all over the world.

That is also a service we offer! If you and one, or some of your friends are at about the same rank and you want to reach that higher rank together, you can do it!

What is a Wild Rift Boost?

A Wild Rift Boost is a service where experienced players, often referred to as "boosters," play on your account or team up with you to help you improve your in-game ranking and performance in Wild Rift. This can involve playing ranked matches, achieving higher ranks, completing objectives, and generally enhancing your overall gameplay experience. Boosting services are designed to help players progress in the game more quickly and effectively than they might be able to achieve on their own. However, it's important to use such services responsibly and be aware of the terms of service of the game to avoid any potential risks or violations.

Budget-Friendly Wild Rift Boosting

Elevate your Wild Rift journey without straining your wallet. Our Budget-Friendly Wild Rift Boosting services are designed to assist you. Whether your target is achieving better ranks or refining your skills, our economical solutions are customized for your requirements. Our proficient boosters will collaborate with you to realize your in-game objectives, all while ensuring affordability. Don't settle for less – conquer the Rift with confidence through our budget-friendly boosting services.

Wild Rift Solo Boosting vs. Wild Rift Duo Boosting

When you opt for Solo Boosting, our experienced boosters will play on your account, working tirelessly to improve your ranks and performance. This is an ideal choice if you're seeking a more hands-off approach, allowing you to witness your progress as our boosters navigate through challenges and climb the ladder on your behalf. With our expert guidance, you can expect noticeable improvements in your in-game achievements.

Duo Boosting, on the other hand, offers you the chance to team up with our skilled boosters. Playing side by side with our experts allows you to actively participate in the process, honing your skills and learning from their strategies. This option provides a more interactive experience, where you can receive real-time tips, insights, and guidance to elevate your gameplay. Duo Boosting is perfect if you're looking to enhance your abilities while enjoying a collaborative journey.